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Why Have Static Timing on a Commodore  (Street Stocks) 

I wish to ask the Tech committee to consider allowing the commodore to run static timing in the new rule book. 

1.     Fords have been included in the rule book from last season


2.     Given reason not for commodore was no one asked for it


3.     Both cars had previously run this prior to this season


4.     This rule similar to the rule last season about moving the commodore balancers while not in the rule was accepted that was ok, Note it was allowed previously but not carried forward.


5.     For the commodore running the std VP computer and thus knock sensor, the timing is retarded by the computer by engine knock, sometime all it takes is a rattle in the car or even a rough track


6.     To counter this some people are advancing their engines and thus if the system does not retard it is very easy for the engine to detonate to pieces.


7.     Static timing in the commodore will provide much greater reliability for the drivers and reduce engine maintenance 


DIV 2 Hot Rod Class run the same ECU and engine as a Street Stock but allow you to run static timing on the commodore.

  1. WHY ?, this gives better more reliable performance and in the end save the competitor money
  2. HOW ?  On a commodore with STD ECU (VP) the knock sensor controls the max timing, ie the ECU sensors engine knock and retards the timing. On a rough track or any rattle on a race car the Knock sensor thinks the engine is knocking and retards the timing, many people already retard the timing with this set up but you have no control on the engine settings and it is very easy to either loose performance or destroy the engine with too much advance.
  3. What ?  Static timing is common on most race engines, when an engine is modified you want to know what the timing is to get the max performance and realibility out of the engine
  4. ACHIEVE ? Static timing is achieved bu modifying the wiring in the loom care must be taken to ensure you will not go to Limp Home mode
  5. Typical Timing ?  On a race car on Methanol, a typical timing is 36 degrees for speedway or up to 52 for drag racing, if you are racing on Petrol you have to be carful with the Max Timing some modied engine only need 22 degrees advance to achieve max power any more is just making the engine unreliable
  6. Wingless ?  A wingless uses a modifed ECu so the story is different the timing is set in the computer and a set figure is obtain for any particular situation
  7. Starting ?  If you have too much advance on starting the starter will kick back, this is easy to over come by turning the starter first and then turing on the ignition