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Fault Codes VR



Fault Codes VR 


12      System Pass 

13      Oxygen Sensor (Open) 

14      Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit (Voltage Low) 

15      Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit (Voltage High) 

16      Coolant Temperature Sensor (Voltage Unstable) 

17      ECU Processor Failure (Coolant Sensor circuit) 

19      Throttle Position Sensor 

21      Throttle Position Sensor Circuit (Voltage High) 

22      Throttle Position Sensor Circuit (Voltage Low) 

23      MAT Sensor Circuit (voltage High) 

24      Vehicle Speed Sensor 

25      MAT Sensor Circuit (voltage Low) 

26      MAT Sensor (Voltage Unstable) 

33      MAP Sensor Circuit (voltage High) 

34      MAP Sensor Circuit (voltage Low) 

35      IAC Valve 

36      Vacuum Leak 

41      Electronic Spart Timing (EST) Circuit 

42      By Pass Circuit Fault 

43      Knock Sensor circuit 

44      Oxygen Sensor Circuit (lean) 

45      Oxygen Sensor Circuit (rich) 

46      Crank angle Sensor 

47      (A/T) Crankshaft Reference Signal Missing 

48      (A/T) Camshaft Position Signal Missing 

49      (A/T) Camshaft or Crankshaft Position Signal Intermittent 

51      Memcal Error 

54      System Voltage Unstable 

55      ECU Error (Analogue to Digital Conversion) 

56      Running Lean under Load 

57      (A/T) Injector Voltage Fault 





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