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Advanced Tuning One





·         IAC:         Intake Air Control 

·         MAT:        Manifold Absolute Temperature 

·         VE:          Volumetric Efficiency 

·         AFR:         Air Fuel Ratio 

·         AE:          Accelerator Enrichment 

·         WOT:       Wide Open Throttle 

·         CAT:        Catalytic Converter 


Tuning Basics: 


Make sure the engine is up to temp and the alternator is charging both will effect the result. 


The program has been set to a max 36 degrees advance, you can change this in the  


The program has been set to a max of 6000 RPM, to change this will require modification of a number of tables. 

·         Ignition table 

·         Max RPM 

·         Soft Max RPM 


Rich or Lean: 


This is the hard part and many people get it wrong, some basics: 

·         Try and measure before a cat 

·         Do not use just one measurement as so many are wrong 

·         WB 02 sensors are good but can be expensive, we have one that can interface into the computer 

·         A simple go Kart multi light 02 sender is good we always have one of them hooked up with more expensive gear and they give good results 

·         Remember lean makes power but too lean burns a piston 

·         If you are using alcohol and std compression it will have to be lean to make power 

·         Different fuels have different A/F Ratios it is wise to use Lamba which is always 1 for any fuel 

·         The test is run on a dyno at a set speed make sure it is rich and check mixtures 

·         Let it idle, change the fuel map at that point and run it again and check results, do not go too lean 

·         Some people sit it at WOT on the dyno and change the mixtures, this can work but wears the engine out and it gets so hot that the figures are useless 


Injector Size and Fuel: 


·         With your engine free reving take it up in the fuel map and check how much duty (0 to 100%) you require to get the mixture correct 

·         If you are above 85% you need to change a calibration figure 

·         The calibration is found in Tables 

o   Map A: Run A/F Param – Displacement/inj flow rate(Litres/Grams per sec) 

·         Increase the figure if your fuel figure is above 85% 

·         Decrease the figure is your fuel figure is below 50% 

·         Do not use the calculator that is provided just change the figure and test 

·         This allows you to run different size injectors and different fuel 

·         You must always use High Frequency Injectors 

·         The V8 Touring Cars use low frequency injectors but these need changes to the loom to use with this program as they draw high amps and will burn the computer and loom out if the loom is not modified 


Accelerator Enrichment (AE) Table 


·         Don’t worry about this until the fuel map is close 

·         This will allow you to change the air fuel on acceleration 

·         If you are not able to measure just change the figures until a flat spot is removed and the acceleration is smooth 



Accelerator Enrichment (AE)  vs Coolant Table 


·         This allows you to change the fuel mixtures on cold start