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Accessory/Diagnostic Switch 
NOS Ignition Panel with lights 
Red Light:             
  • This is the Alternator Light 

Blue Light:        

  • This is the Computer Danognostic Code Light


Accessory Switch:  

  • This is the Switch for activating the codes in the  computer


Computer Codes:

  • To check the Computer Codes, turn the ignitiion on do not run the engine
  • Turn the Acc Switch on, the codes will be displayed on the green light and flash three times for each code/
  • The codes for each engine are different and are found on this wed site, or click the link below
  • Fault Codes VP
  • Fault Codes VR
  • Even if you get a code 12 (clear code) always do the three sets of lights and make sure that there is not more after it
  • To clear the codes unplug the computer for 2 minutes
  • some codes are soft codes and just identify a problem and do not send the computer into limp home mode, an example of this is Code 48 on a VR, being the Cam Shaft Sensor, if you are running a VR Loom on a VP it does not have this sensor so will always flash this code and the light will come on when running, if you dont want this just disconnect the feed wire at the ignitiion switch.
  • Ford codes